5 Brain Abilities

What are the 5 Brain Abilities

In Math Monkey’s education system, we work alongside the brain’s natural learning process through our unique games-based curriculum to engage and train the 5 major brain abilities

5 major brain abilities

Every child wants to be a winner in games. Besides helping children develop their social communication skill and nurture their EQ as they deal with winning or losing, games-based lessons can enhance the 5 major brain abilities too. In order to win, the children are motivated 

- Attention: The ability for focused attention and concentration

- Processing speed: The speed in which the brain gives meaning to collected information. Exposure to different things/situations increases neuron connections

- Logic Reasoning: How the brain makes rational sense of collected information

- Memory: How the brain stores and retrieves information that makes sense of the world

- Visual ability: How the brain visualizes information and recognize patterns