• Before coming to Math Monkey, Janusre was slow in solving maths related problems because she had difficulty understanding maths concept. Now she has improved tremendously, she can solve maths problem quickly and overall she becomes more confident of herself. She can even applies what she learns here in school. I feel that Math Monkey teaches math concepts very well and Janusre gets to apply what she learns in the games so she began to enjoy and love maths. It’s definitely her favourite enrichment class.

    M. Kala Krishnan, mother of Janusre (age 9), (MM Setia Alam)
  • Danish was a little lazy and his counting skill was teriible before this. He changed almost immediately after attending Math Monkey. In fact he can’t stop talking about MM and he applies the method to answer my questions. I think the MM technique and method of teaching benefited Danish most. It’s fun too.

    Harraz, father of Danish (age 7), (MM Setia Alam)
  • My kids never showed any interest in Maths and dreaded every session when it comes to numbers. Everyone was stressful at home but thanks to Math Monkey, our life is more managable now and less frustration. I noticed the methods used are very effective to make them learn Maths in a fun way & I see the changes once they have completed 1 module. In addition, it is also the commitment of the teachers to ensure they really learn and understand what they are doing. They use MM methods in school too. I think kids should even start younger at age 3 to benefit more from the methods.

    Laureen, mother of Jeremy (age 6) and Jaime (age 7), (MM SS2, PJ)
  • We sent our 2 boys to Math Monkey after noticing that they started to dislike maths. They were beginning to have problems with their math homework. We decided on Math Monkey upon recommendation from a friend who saw improvement in her son at MM. We didn't want it to be merely a tuition class to cope with school’s maths homework - we wanted the boys to see that maths can be fun and be able to apply the learnings in their daily life. Todate, though we cannot claim that the boys now love maths ...we can see that they no longer dislike it! To us, that's an achievement - thanks to Math Monkey SS2 & the dedicated teachers.

    Mr & Mrs Poh, parents of Hoh Shan (age 12) and Hoh Kai (age 10), MM SS2, PJ
  • My son Ryan, has been with Teacher Lena’s Math Monkey class since he was 4.5 years old. I have seen a lot of improvement in his Math skills. He could understand addition and subtraction concept quickly through MM method within a few months. The classes are conducted in a fun way where he learns quickly through relevant games and activities. I can see Teacher Lena and her staffs’ passion in teaching. The children enjoy and look forward to the next lesson. Bravo, Teacher Lena!

    Mrs. Ng, mother of Ryan, age 6 (MM Kota Kemuning)
  • Shayne started with Math Monkey before attending kindergarten. I feel that because of that he likes math more than any other subject but he is fast in picking up other subjects too. For example, if he has homework to do he will choose to finish math first. MM is the only enrichment center he attends and he likes it very much. I would recommend 3-4 years old to start MM because it will benefit them not only in math but also thinking skills. Best of all, it is fun so it also helps the kids to get ideas to solve math problems in many ways.

    Salina, mother of Shayne, age 6, MM SS2, PJ
  • After attending Math Monkey, my daughter Sweet becomes more sensitive to numbers. She is able to apply the MM method in school. As parents, we also learn from our children who attend MM. I believe MM has a creative methodology needed in computing. Sweet uses the MM method during her school exams too. She looks forward to attending MM class week after week. The way the modules are structured in MM encourages children to finish their homework without any push from parents.

    Mdm. Leong, Mum of Yin Sweet (MM – Selayang)
  • My daughter, Carr Mern, 10 years old, has been with Math Monkey since the age of 6. She is completing her last Gorilla module in 2 months’ time. “Math Monkey learning is fun & interesting” that is what she says. I am glad I enrolled her here because she has excelled thus far in her Math subject in school (she is in the advance level) and I would accredit her achievement to the technique and methods used by Math Monkey. Personally, I would highly recommend Math Monkey to anyone.

    Jesslyn, mother of Carr Mern, (MM Kota Kemuning)
  • Changes were noticed in my son, Devesh after 4-5 months into the Math Monkey program. He is more confident in handling a sum is quite happy to sit down to do a math worksheet. I feel that Math Monkey gives the child a step-by-step approach in learning math. Not so much based on memory but principles that can be applied by the child or even parents in doing everyday mathematical problem. He goes for MM classes without fuss because of the teaching method and the environment. The most benefit that Devesh derived from MM is the confidence he has in handling math problems and socializing with others.

    Geetha, mother of Devesh, age 6, MM SS2, PJ
  • Our younger boys used to think twice about sitting to do any math before joining Math Monkey. After starting MM, they love math and they work with numbers faster. We do recommend MM especially for young children to get them interested in math. All my boys love coming to class each week, especially the 4-year-old. They love the games, the teachers, the understanding and fun. We feel that the games in MM’s syllabus and their little yet comprehensive worksheet benefited our boys most.

    Mr & Mrs Benjamin, parents of Thytus, age 10, Nixon, age 9, Aaron, age 7 and Dylan age 4, MM SS2, PJ
  • Shine has just joined Math Monkey for less than a year. Prior to that he had shallow understanding of numbers. After only 2 modules, Shine was able to do addition very quickly and confidently. Shine also applied the MM method in his school exam last term. I would definitely encourage my friends to enroll their kids at Math Monkey.

    Mdm. Leong, Mum of Yen Shine (MM- Selayang)
  • When Yutaka first started school I wanted to enroll him for math tuition. I was looking for a centre that would help him enjoy studying math and not be bogged down by lots of practice homework or memorizing methods etc. In Math Monkey I found the perfect solution. He loves going to classes every week. Special methods are used to help him answer questions quickly and raise his confidence in attempting complicated questions. I can also see that his mental calculations have improved tremendously. Now, after four years, he has reaped the benefits of MM. In his yearly school exams, he has consistently been a level above his peers. I would certainly recommend MM to parents who want their children to excel in math and at the same time enjoy learning.

    Lyna, mother of Yutaka, (MM Kota Kemuning)
  • Willy has always been interested in math and has a lot of questions to ask. After a year with Math Monkey, he is more independent in learning math. He looks forward to his MM class. We think that Math Monkey method has helped him in terms of speed in solving math problems.

    Mr & Mrs Ang, parents of Willy, age 6, MM SS2, PJ
  • My son is more focused after joining Math Monkey. I would recommend Math Monkey to my friends with young children.

    Jessie, mother of Jayden, age 6, MM SS2 PJ
  • Prior to joining Math Monkey, Mavishraa was very passive, lack of confidence and interest at school. He felt stressed to cope with Maths. After only 2 months at MM, maths had become one of his favourite subjects. He is confident and motivated to complete his maths work and more importantly scored A for the subject. I strongly recommend Math Monkey program because of its fun and effective method and dedicated teachers. It’s a good foundation or building up a child.

    Annbalangan, parent of Mavishraa (MM- Selayang)
  • Jannah was a very shy girl who had difficulty adjusting to new classes/groups. She started Math Monkey at the age of 4. Initially she would cry when sent to class. After 3-4 lessons, she became more participative and adapted well to the lesson and started to enjoy learning math. MM is her favourite class now. Although MM method seems different from school method, I feel that it helps children to develop their thinking and problem solving skills. The method is simple and easy to understand too. So far Jannah has been getting perfect score in school for math.

    Allyna Mahmod, mother of Jannah, age 10, MM SS2, PJ
  • Wei Hung was quiet and not disciplined. After only 3 months with, Math Monkey. he has become more cheerful, discipline and always have ideas to contribute. He applies MM formulas in school and I deeply appreciate that.

    Yee Lim, parent of Wei Hung, age 6, MM SS2, PJ
  • Yong Xin was showing little interest towards learning maths. After only 3 months with Math Monkey, she developed the interest for the subject. She can apply what she learned at MM in school too. I would recommend MM Program to my friends who have young children. I think he benefited most at Math Monkey from learning through games, group discussion and the learning tools.

    Mr Lim, father of Yong Xin (MM – Selayang)
  • Our daughter has completed the whole Math Monkey program. She started when she was 4. She enjoyed the small group learning and fun activities. She enjoyed learning math here and she still applies the method in her schoolwork. She has always scored A in math exams. Math Monkey is definitely one of her favourite enrichment classes.

    Mr & Mrs Leong, parent of Alice(not her real name), age 10, MM SS2, PJ
  • Two years back my 4 year-old son was finding it difficult to grasp some basic maths concepts. After some research and speaking to some parents we came to Math Monkey. My son enjoyed learning through the simple strategies taught here and his understanding of basic concepts improved. The teachers were truly involved with my child's learning and gave me regular feedback about his progress and told me what I could do at home. My son has come a long way and is doing much better in maths at school.

    Priyanka Sivanandan (mum of Agastya, MM Taman Tun Dr Ismail)
  • Caleb is 6 years old and he joined the Math Monkey programme 2 years ago. He looks forward to the class and has no qualms in finishing his Math Monkey homework most of the time. The games session definitely enhances the knowledge they learned during the class. He understands the method taught by the teachers and he used the same to cross check his work in school. In school he is selected to participate in the gifted programme for math.

    Michella Ang (mum of Caleb, MM Taman Tun Dr Ismail)
  • Aisyah looks forward to her Math Monkey class it is a fun activity. The techniques used help Aisyah to see math as an easy subject. Doing math homework is not a chore to Aisyah now because she can solve most of the school's math problems. After 4 weeks of attending Math Monkey, Aisyah received an award of "Great Improvement in Math" from her school i.e. she became Star of The Week for her class. She appears to be more confident to volunteer her answers in school too.

    Su (mum of Aisyah, MM Taman Tun Dr Ismail)
  • Since 2 years ago, Ashley would enthusiastically bring out her worksheets to complete after each Math Monkey lesson. That for me was a sight to see. Ashley would then share with me the wonders of using various methods to get amazing answers to a math problem. This was exciting for her. She looks forward to every lesson. Ashley is even applying what she has learnt in Math Monkey in school, thus making math a breeze for her. So much so Math Monkey is now her favourite enrichment class.

    Kim (Mum of Ashley Wong, MM Taman Tun Dr Ismail)
  • At a very early stage, Thareesh started showing keen interest in math. He was always calculating and playing with numbers. We decided to enrol him with Math Monkey to enhance his ability in math. The Vedic Maths formulas, individual attention and fun activities make this Thareesh’s favourite enrichment class! He holds the highest score for math in his cohort for three consecutive years. While Thareesh churns out answers by just looking at the math problem, we are using calculator to keep up with him.

    Tharma (Thareesh's mum – MM Taman Tun Dr Ismail)
  • Even in preschool, math was always one of Dahlia’s favourite subjects and one that she excelled in. We sent her to Math Monkey for her to get another perspective of the math problem solving process.
    Since then, Dahlia's interest in math has grown even more and her ability to mentally perform math equations is quite amazing. Previously, she used her fingers to assist her with counting. Now, it's all in her head! I also notice that she is doing work meant for those two years her senior. She enjoys the math concepts taught and finds them challenging. I like this, as she is learning according to her capability and not her age.
    Math Monkey makes math interesting. It becomes a real thing, through the games they play.

    Aisyah, mum of Dahlia (MM Taman Tun Dr Ismail)
  • I am so grateful as Math Monkey has helped my son a lot in just a short period, not only in his math performance, but also in his personal character amd learning attitude. Now he becomes well behave & self motivated at home. I am also happy to see that he becomes independent, discipline and take initiative to go to Math Monkey every week without me reminding him. He also gets the reward for zero absent! A big thanks to Math Monkey!

    Mrs. Lee (mum of Benedict Lee Zi Kai from MM Pulau Tikus)
  • My son enjoy attending the class and looking forward for every classes. TQ!

    Mdm. Nina Thor (mum of Ng Chiun Yang from MM Pulau Tikus)
  • My daughter was only in Math Monkey for a term and I can see the changes in her attitude towards Math. She does not 'hate' the subject anymore, instead find it a challenge to solve and improve her math skills. I believe this program has given her the right skills to solve math problems, but more importantly the confidence to actually solve it. In the one term that she has been with Math Monkey, her grade has improved from 66 to 92. I am glad that we have found Math Monkey, this fun approach to Math works!

    Mrs. Josephine Cheng (mum of Elizabeth Cheng from MM Singapore)
  • Very satisfied with the program. Vast improvement seen with my daughter. Thank you!

    Jess Rebelo (mom of Tiffany from MM Brunei)
  • Fully satisfied. Individual attention is given. Please cover this with compliments.

    Mamta Kulkarni (mom of Pappireddipalli from MM Brunei)
  • Kenneth has a very short attention span. However, this program really has changed his interest in maths. He likes to do his homework that is given to him. And he always talk about the games held in class.

    Mdm. Yeo Swee Lin (mum of Kenneth Toh from MM Pulau Tikus)
  • So far everything seems to be good and my son has shown improvement in his Math skills. Only veryminor problem is that the method he is learning is different than what they normally teach in school, so that requires a bit of efforts. Thank you very much for all the efforts made to my child.

    Brenda Ting (mom of Elias Utriainen)
  • Great job by the teachers. Emma's maths knowledge and performance evidently improved greatly. Well done! Great job! Please keep up the good work and continue to put more effort on 1 on 1 teaching.

    Rosemary (mom of Emmanuel from MM Brunei)
  • Overall your programme is very comprehensive, my daughter enjoys math nowadays. She has a very practical approach in doing her additions. So we just have to say - "keep it up Math Monkey!"

    Dr. Padma Muppidi (mom of Manikya from MM Brunei)
  • Home assignments are pretty repetitive. Some of the colouring pictures are too small & many for a young kid to do. Overall, Bryan enjoys the class very much and look forward to every Monday!

    Roslyn Yong Siu Chin (mom of Bryan Tan from MM Brunei)
  • Learning Math can be EASY, CREATIVE and FUN. That’s what Math Monkey has to offer. I found the Vedic Math teaching method to be extremely effective and is actually simplifies the learning of maths for all my 3 children. Every week, my children look forward to their classes because they incorporate the learning of Math through exciting games and activities. In fact, as a parent, I always look forward to learn from my eldest child, Alicia, who is 10 years old. I found the vedic math simply amazingly fast and wish that I learnt these Vedic Math techniques from young.
    My son, Aaron, has improved so much at Math Monkey. This has boast his confidence and has inspired him to be a “Math Wizard”! We wish to thank all the teachers in Math Monkey Centre in Lebuhraya Rose for the wonderful coaching. The teachers there will also give additional one-to-one coaching to any of the children whenever they require additional help in mastering a particular topic.

    Mei Sien (mom of Aaron Yeo, Amanda Yeo & Alicia Yeo)
  • "After joining Math Monkey, my son's progress in math subject improve. The program provided here is fun especially the games sessions and my son loves it."

    Mrs. Ng, mom of Jeremy
  • “Ming appears to enjoys his experience here and that’s a good start.” Ms Cordelia Koh Jean-Li

    Child : Quah Ming Sheng
  • “After taking Math Monkey, Zeng Fung is so interested in math now. Previously, when I gave him math workbook, he grumbled and took a long time to do it. Now, he asks for more!” Mrs Liew

    Child : Liew Zeng Fung
  • "So far I am happy with teaching method and game play. My daughter had enjoy the program so much and I had notice now she like maths and she is improving." Mr Png Seng Leong

    Child : Png Sze Yen
  • “Xin Yin enjoys math monkey class.” Ms Chan Li Xian

    Child : Cheong Xin Yin
  • “My child enjoys attending math monkey sessions.” Ms Chan Sui Foong

    Child : Tan Kei Yi
  • “He enjoys learning Math monkey lesson. He is very happy and looking forward for every class. Hopefully he will love doing math in future. Thank you.” Ms Norlia Mohamed Noor

    Child : Sulaiman Lutfi Sapno
  • “So far, Ivan has shown interest in attending classes and would complete the AHA almost immediately. He is able to relate the methods and activities learnt. It has been quite effective for him this far and would say that he enjoys very much!” Ms Eve

    Child : Ivan Choong Kai Sen
  • “Overall, very satisfied with the Math Monkey Program. So, keep up the good work and maintain the value of the teaching." Celia Chan

    Child : Amzar
    Green Monkey
  • “Yong En initially not willing to do homework (AHA) but slowly improve and more willing to do homework..” Mrs. Chan

    Chimps A
  • “Ian is always looking forward to attend classes and the program has speed-up him in completing AHA as well as his school work. Most of all, he is adapting well and able to interact well with the others in the class as what he has been telling us.” Ms Eve.

    Child : Choong Kai Yean
  • “I can see a keen interest in Shaleena on her learning experiences.” Ms Leena Mohan

    Child : Shaleena Mohan
  • “My daughter has shown a lot of interest in her studies and loves to do her homework. Overall, she has been able to count and pick up new ideas from your program. Thank you for the time focused on my daughter.”Connie Ang

    Child : Jaylynn Khor Jien Y'ng
    Green Monkey
  • “I just want to say, thanks a lot for having patience and for introducing math monkey to kids. It helps a lot especially to my daughter, Stefanie.” Wilma Araneta

    Child : Stefanie Chan Mun Yee
    Green Monkey
  • “My son has shown many improvements after joining your school. We are rather happy and satisfied with the school program and the support given to my son, thank you so much.” Connie Ang

    Child : Joviar Khor Jian H'ng
  • “Sze Yen have improve on her Maths calculation since she enrol in Maths Monkey. Math is so much fun for her and she looks forward every Saturday for the class.” P'ng Seng Leong

    Child : P'ng Sze Yen
  • I have fun with Maths!
    Darielle Simon (7)
  • I like maths monkey because the technique that they learn us is very easy and helps me a lot on my schoolwork.
    Nina Govindarajoo (12)
  • I improve in my mathematics. THANK YOU !!!
    Philip Yeoh (10)
  • It is very fun. I like the games too!
    Yvien Chew (10)
  • I like to play at here and I like to learn at here
    Luqman (9)
  • I like math monkey because it is so educational
    Angad (9)
  • it has helps me in my exams and made me know may friends.
    Chiang Kit (10)
  • can learn math easily
    Daryl Teh (7)
  • "I'm enjoying the classes because I 'm getting to know new and quick techniques in Multiplication and Division, and much more! It's really a fun and enjoyable class with games, new simple techniques and let's not forget, LOTS OF FUN!!!!!"

    Aaryan Natali , Gorilla Troop
  • "I used to think Math is a drag. However, after Math Monkey my perspective changed. Math to me is now very fun and I looked forward to come every week and play the challenging games. The reward system is very superb and I love Blink!"

    Elizabeth Cheng, Orang Utan Troop
  • “It is a monkey school and it is funny, crazy and fun.”

    Song lee, Lemur A
  • “I like to play games and to learn math.”

    Ainsley, Chipms A
  • “I like math monkey because it is fun”

    Benjamin, Chimps A
  • “I like Math Monkey because of math, friends and fun.”

    Eng Seng, Chipms A
  • “I like Math Monkey because very nice to go!”

    Thanesh, Chimps A
  • “It is fun and it can let us learn math. I like to learn math too. I really like Math Monkey!”

    Cheng Ling, Chimps A
  • “I like Math Monkey. I feel happy to be here.”

    Ivan, Chimps Troop
  • “I feel happy in Math Monkey. I played great games and it is fun!”

    Isaac Lai, Chimps Troops
  • “Math Monkey has game and I am very happy because I can collect lollipop.”

    Eng Chong Sean, Chimps Troops
  • “I like Math Monkey because the game is fun and I like to collect sticker.”

    Tan Kei Yi, Chimps Troops
  • “I like to come here to improve my math; and I love the games too. I have fun in Math Monkey.”

    Tan Joon You, Orangutan Troop
  • “I like Math Monkey because I can learn math and play interesting games.”

    Ooi Wei Lun, Orangutan Troop
  • “Math Monkey is so fun!”

    Celine, Orangutan Troop
  • “It’s the games, friends and I learn math in a fun way!”

    Sean, Orangutan Troop
  • “I like Math Monkey because I like the games and at least I’m not the only girl!”

    Lilian, Orangutan Troop
  • “The games is fun and can do math very fast”

    Alex Chuah, Orangutan Troop