How Brain Works

How Brain Works

Do you know what abilities are needed for a human brain to work?

First, your brain needs to have some input before starting to work and to get the input you would require attention and visual abilities. Then, your brain will start to process those input by using your memory and logic reasoning. Finally, how fast you can react would be the speed of your output.

  1. Attention - Pay attention and focus. 
  2. Visualization - Picture things and manipulate the pictures. 
  3. Memory - Able to hold two or more ideas, numbers and pictures in mind. 
  4. Logical thinking - Able to logically deduce the problems. 
  5. Processing Speed - Able to process quickly and accurately information that is given.


In the case of doing a Math question, e.g. 7 + 8, the mental process requires: 

Step 1: Recognition of the numbers, 7 and 8. 

Step 2: Ability to picture what 7 and 8 quantitatively represent. 

Step 3: Remember those two numbers. 

Step 4: Logically put the two numbers together in order to arrive at a probable answer. (e.g. 7 + 8 = 20; this would be illogical because the answer would be too big) 

Step 5: How long it takes for a child to complete the calculation; the time required would need to be within reason.

Yet most often, these 5 mental attributes: attention, picture or visualization,  memory, logic reasoning and processing speed, are overlooked because the focus has always been on the children getting the ‘correct’ answer.