Frequently Asked Questions

Math Monkey is an after-school enrichment program designed for highly motivated children and parents who understand the importance math excellence. Math Monkey boosts children’s logic reasoning, confidence and mental agility through our game-based curriculum inspired by Vedic Math, an Indian math philosophy.

Vedic Math is an Indian (South Asian ) math technique, which successfully teaches children to think mathematically and achieve math competency. Every number has certain properties and relationships with each other, that when understood allows for ease in problem solving and critical thinking in mathematics.

Vedic Math is also considered a mental system, so it gives is the opportunity to build a piece of the brain that is neglected in today’s information age: memory and mental agility. Math Monkey is using the Vedic techniques to create excitement and curiosity among children, so they will continue investigating math and will want to learn more and more.

There are many differences. First, we are a game-based program and the children have fun while interacting with other children. Fun is the key to learning! Second, we are based on the ancient Indian art of Vedic Mathematics. The short cuts and tools used in Vedic are second to none and open the door to a new way of learning for children. The combination is truly phenomenal.

Math Monkey is not tutoring. We are an enhancement to traditional education and children are taught in a classroom environment of no more than 12 students so the children receive a lot of personal attention. Classes meet once a week for 80 minutes, providing consistency in the dynamics of each class. Using games along with the Vedic techniques, children are honing their mathematical skills and understanding in a fun environment. Instruction is provided without the use of paper and pencil in order to develop the mental aspects necessary for mathematical success.

Many children find one on one tutoring boring. We have seen students embarrassed to say that they are tutored in Math. At Math Monkey, our students are proud to attend classes. One boy referred to Math Monkey as, “a special club for really smart children”. They attend classes where they make friends, play games and build confidence. Math Monkey children enjoy learning math.

Because we are an enrichment program and not a traditional tutoring program, we are measuring various pieces of information, some outside simple quantitative indicators. Each session begins with a skills assessment developed to measure the starting knowledge of each child in each particular class. A second assessment is given at class number twelve in order to measure the effectiveness of the class, the child’s understanding of the material covered, as well as to make recommendations for placement during the next sessions. More importantly, we encourage parental feedback on intangible measurements such as enjoyment of doing homework, completion of assignments and self-esteem in peer interactions. The goal is to create joy in learning.

Math Monkey is designed for highly motivated learners. It is an accelerated learning environment that challenges children to think on their feet, use critical thinking and express thought processes with a group. We do not focus on any one child’s particular weakness, rather we work to enhance overall mathematical understanding within the specific content area we teach.

We have weaved the Vedic Math techniques into a game-based approach to learning that keeps children interested and wanting more. The children are taught a concept; they then play interactive games that help them hone their skills. Hands-on, minds-on learning that relies on the idea of scaffolding ( building in previous knowledge to continue teaching and learning ) is the cornerstone of the Math Monkey program.

Prior to enrolment, your child will participate in a short ( 10 to 15 minute ) pre-enrolment interview that will help us determine the best placement for your child. The interview consists of a short series of skills assessments as well as a few simple verbal questions. The interview will be conducted by one of our skilled instructors or the center director. Your child’s Math Monkey instructors will make recommendations for subsequent placements.

Children who are already strong in math find the Math Monkey program challenging and stimulating. Since the program is designed for acceleration, children who are already math capable will have a wonderful intellectual outlet. The program moves quickly giving these types of learners a challenging environment in which to continue excelling.

We often find children who are “math challenged” excel in the Math Monkey program because of alternative approaches. While we do not focus in any one child’s deficiencies, the supportive environment that we strive to create, allows all children to learn. Because Vedic Math teaches various properties of numbers and how to apply knowledge of those properties to problem solving, we have had much success with children who had previously been labelled “math challenged”. It is important to note however, this is not personal tutoring. We are a game-based program so children start associating math with fun. We even have theme weeks where the children are encouraged to dress up. Even the classroom is designed to stimulate their imagination and encourage learning.

Children are encouraged to come in and take a class. We are confident that after the class, you will see the tremendous benefits of our program for your child.

Yes, in fact, we have a viewing area that allows you to see into the classroom. The children will not be distracted because they cannot see you watching the class. We also have a comfortable waiting area.