Game Based Learning

Games Based Learning

Has the magical effect of linking learning to fun. Children fall in love with math at Math Monkey because Math= Games = Fun. Studies show that a fun learning environment gives children the “happy stress” and improves their 5 major brain abilities.

Through playing games, children get the opportunity to work with others in their team, to recognize that everyone is unique, to accept failure and celebrate success together while at the same time improving their communication and interpersonal skills.

How does playing games help children’s MathBrain development?

Every child wants to be a winner in games. Besides helping children develop their social communication skill and nurture their EQ as they deal with winning or losing, games-based lessons can enhance the 5 major brain abilities too. In order to win, the children are motivated 

to be more attentive to game rules to win the game

to see and discover the co-relations between games rules and winning strategy

encourage students to hold information during the game

enable students to think logically and apply their winning strategy

improve students΄speed in problem-solving and to react quickly